"My husband, Andy, and I were sitting at home one Monday morning in January feeling very sick. We had symptoms of nausea and headaches, and thought we had the flu.  At 11:30 A.M; Ian Fraser knocked on our door and told us he had worked for a number of our neighbours and offered to do a free check on our furnace, which we allowed him to do.  Ian showed us that our heat exchangers had completely plugged  up with soot and flames were shooting horizontally six inches out the front of the furnace.  We had extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in the house. By 7:30 that evening Ian and his crew had a new furnace installed and running and our headache and nausea symptoms disappeared.  Not only am I extremely grateful to Ian for getting a furnace installed within eight hours of discovering the carbon monoxide catastrophe that was in process, I am incredibly grateful to Ian for dropping by our home and saving our lives.  In the light of what Ian did for us I cannot recommend his company too highly."

Eleanor M. Broscoe, Lakeview S.W. Calgary

“Ian, Andy and Nick: I can’t thank you enough for the amazing, prompt service you provided us last week! I had called another plumber initially, (recommended by a friend – and two days later he still had not shown up). I literally had buckets collecting water from our leaking hot water tank.After calling you, you had a team member at our home within an hour! The prices are very reasonable, service incomparable, and we now have a fully functioning hot water tank and clean furnace! It is without hesitation that I’d recommend your company! Should you need a referral, simply provide my email address! It is a true comfort having a ‘go to’ plumber! With my sincere thanks!”

Dawn Pepper- Lenci - S.W. Calgary

"As a new family to Calgary in 1998 we required the services of a furnace maintenance & repair company right off the bat. Ian Fraser’s company was suggested to us then & we have been happy using Ian’s services ever since. Through the years he has repaired our furnace and replaced the water heater, installed an electronic air cleaner, a humidifier, and air conditioning…as well as doing our yearly maintenance check-ups. We feel confident in the quality of work Ian has provided and have also been pleased with his ability to explain what work needed to be done as well as informing us of our best options for cost and performance efficiency."

Rev. Bruce Sheasby A.K.A. The Reverend Elvis and Sharon Sheasby from Lake Bonavista S.E. Calgary

"Ian and his crew did a fantastic job replacing our 50-year old dinosaur of a furnace. There wound up being a lot more work for them than they originally expected, just because of the age of the furnace and the gas lines. Plus, they had to move and re-plumb our hot water tank. The crew worked tirelessly for two 12-hour days, staying late to make sure we didn't go without water or heat. Ian's team came in exactly on budget, and we are extremely pleased with the quality of followup service we've received. Thanks Ian. Our house will be much more comfortable this winter."

Jeff Smith and Jessica Schlager, Lakeview S.W. Calgary

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