Furnace and Duct Cleaning

furnace and duct cleaning

We have developed a new method of duct cleaning to replace the old style truck system of duct cleaning. Our new method of cleaning furnaces and ducts in Calgary uses large portable vacuums with extremely strong suction  power (we have pulled bricks out of the ductwork with out hoses). Our method involves running round duct brushes down your individual ducts to loosen the material, then we run our powerful vacuum hoses down the ducts to remove the material. We then open up the large rectangular ducts in your basement and we use long rigid vacuum brushes to brush and vacuum the large main ducts from one end to the other.  We have gone down as far as eighty feet. Because we apply direct brushing and vacuum at all points of the duct system we can remove 95 to 98% of the dust and debris from your duct system.  

Ian's Furnace Service is the only company in the city of Calgary that uses this new method of duct cleaning that delivers virtually 100% dust removal.

In regards to furnace cleaning and service in Calgary, we only use qualified heating journeyman, gas engineers, or legally indentured apprentices working under a journeyman. We use servicemen that are highly trained in the gas trade which not only clean your furnace but do a complete safety check and tune-up on the furnace as well, and are able to identify dangerous situations, and perform the required repairs.

To summarize, we directly brush and vacuum your entire duct system, and we use properly trained personnel on your furnace to deliver the finest results of dust removal and furnace cleaning, service and safety in Calgary.

Call today to discover the most thorough, effective and safe furnace and duct cleaning service in the city of Calgary.

Old duct cleaning methods

There is an old method of duct cleaning where a truck is parked outside, a large vacuum hose is run into the furnace and compressed air is blown down the individual ducts.  I have never used the truck method in 37 years because I believe it is ineffective.  And I will tell you why. 

Do not take a chance on having unqualified people work on your furnace.  Call Ian's Furnace Service to book a furnace and duct cleaning job, that will be done properly, leaving you and your family with safety and security and lower heating costs.

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brushing an individual ductBrushing an individual duct.

vacuuming an individual ductVacuuming an individual duct.

brushing a main ductBrushing a main duct.